About Us

This is a tale of fate and serendipity, ability and determination. And a love of beer that keeps leading us to new places.

This is a tale of fate and serendipity, ability and determination. And a love of beer that keeps leading us to new places. Like many good things, Pig and Porter was conceived around a kitchen table. On one side, Sean, positively evangelic about great modern beers who’d been brewing in his shed for several years “because it was cheaper than buying it”. On the other, Robin, a keen amateur cook recovering from several eye operations and disillusioned with recruitment. In the middle, a pile of bottles and some burgers.

From that conversation the “kernel” of an idea was formed. Beer and burgers replaced tea and cake at the Ashburnham Flower Show and Fete, and then we were asked to do barn dances and a wedding. We took the pig by the tail and started the business.

Our idea was to create a highly specialized event-catering business which also offered its own bespoke beers but we needed somewhere to brew. Fortunately, because #beerpeoplearegoodpeople one kind brewery agreed to let us brew, suggesting that we make a full 10 barrel brew and sell it to pubs.

The first brew (on New Year’s Eve 2012) was, like all our beers, a version of a tried and tested homebrew recipe. Three years later Red Spider Rye was awarded “Best Beer in Kent” by Ratebeer.

From full-time event caterers and occasional brewers, Pig and Porter changed direction when we were able to take over a former brewery in Tunbridge Wells. The incredible success and growing reputation of our early beers forced us to make a choice and we knew we had to focus on the beer. We still love creating interesting beer and food matches though and some food offerings may happen from time to time.

As we have grown we’ve been lucky to incorporate some of our interests into the business too, making a beer for “Whispering Bob” Harris that indirectly led to our first “Brewery Session”. It is the love of dreaming up taste and flavour combinations that inspires each of our beers. We’ve learned that brewing is a subtle balance of art and science and we understand the importance of each. We always look to brew with new ingredients - using experimental hops whenever we can - and above all we create beers that we want to drink.

Pig and Porter now has a growing team in a shiny new site with a new head brewer Riina Laats taking our beers in a new direction.

We promise to keep striving to make the best beer possible. We want to create unique and enjoyable beer experiences that you’ll come to rely on.