Start of Part Two

A long overdue update

We have left a far longer gap than intended since we wrote the "End of Part One" blog. We started 2019 in a new unit (on the same industrial estate) and it feels like a very good time to offer an update on the plans for Pig and Porter.
Anyone who has ever visited us will be aware of the cramped conditions at the previous unit and for the last 9 months we’d been stuck operating at capacity with no means to install any additional fermenters. That level of production did at least achieve a profit last year and enabled us to raise the funds necessary to move to a larger unit.
We now have two new 15 barrel fermenters fully employed and should be able to add another two to that before too long. We are upgrading a lot of the equipment too and in addition to making the lives of our brewers (Riina and Mark) a lot easier this will only help in the production of better and more consistent beers.
Together they have been making some extremely good beers in the nine months since Riina joined us, and we’ll continue to develop recipes and experiment with new and interesting beers.
The extra capacity will allow us to make a return to canning and we’ll offer some brand new beers in that format in May. We also hope to have our lager, Sandstorm, available much more regularly now. We will continue to produce beers for cask and keg (sometimes in both forms if the style warrants it) and we are now offering beer in steel kegs as we gradually move away from keykeg.
Our plans for the future are to continue to develop our team and our beers and to build and strengthen the reputation of Pig and Porter for producing interesting and very drinkable beers. We will be more visible in 2019 at events having taken a bit of a break in the course of the move.
We aim to have a small-scale Taproom operational in the first half of 2019 and we’ll continue to hold Open Days including one on Saturday April 13th to show off the new site. Come and marvel at the shiny newness of everything!