New member of the team

Introducing George Fisher

Regular Pig and Porter watchers will know that George has been a part time member of the team for the last six months.

He’s consistently impressed us with his worth ethic, analytical mindset, good humour and, of course, his beard. Everybody knows in this world of craft beer you’ll never be taken seriously if your entire brewery team is beardless.

Right from the very first days when we interrupted him with his headphones in his ears to run a beer name past him and he apologised, saying “sorry, man, I was listening to a podcast about scotch eggs” we knew he was the one for us. Currently George combines wortician duties at Pig and Porter with occasional photography at Brewer’s Journal and bartending at Fuggles Beer Café. However from Monday 23rd May which also happens to be my birthday, George joins us full time. Frankly it can’t come soon enough as we will be going from brewing three times a fortnight in February, through twice a week, as we are now, to five times a fortnight next month.