A New Beer, Named By Some Amazing People.

Hello there

You'll have heard me wax lyrical about our involvement with the Primordial Radio family (PRFam) on our socials before now, I'm sure. But for those who aren't aware a brief reprise.  

Primordial Radio is a Premium Rock and Metal internet based radio station. We brewed a beer (Primordial Süp) for the station to help raise money and get it off the ground last year and we're still brewing it for events now. The PRFam are a decent group of metalheads from diverse backgrounds but are a lovely bunch indeed. So much so, that 30 or so of them turned up to our most recent open day from all parts of the country. 

So what does this have to do with our new beer? 

Well, as you know we do like to give a bit of thought to our beer names and have recently switched from literary to musical influences on ther beer names taking a song, lyric or a band from the area of the world where one of the ingredients or, as in this case, the beer style comes from.   

So imagine Robin staring at a blank screen trying to think of bands from Vermont, or New England. So I asked a group of people who might know, yes the PRFam. I asked the question and was immediately inundated with suggestions, one of which, My Last Serenade, kept cropping up (click the link to see the video and listen to the song).  

The beer itself is a Vermont Style pale ale so think hazy, juicy with low bitterness and full mouthfeel. We kegged it last Friday and, once the tap badges arrive later this week, it can go out.  

If you're intersted in giving Primordial a listen, head on over to and use the code PR_ho4wS5wn  for a free three month trial