Mango Daiquiri IPA Launch

The First in our Cocktail Series of beers

The idea of a series of cocktail inspired beers was spawned over a few beverages either at home or, possibly, in The Twelve Taps during a conversation with my wife, Jacqui.

We like beer, we like wine and we like gin too but cocktails were a part of a staple Friday night even before we started going to her sister’s house for an end of week livener. We were trying to think about other drinks that inspired us and how we might make a beer version. The obvious thing for me was barrel ageing a beer in wine or spirit barrels but I wanted to do something a bit different and a little less done to death (see point seven in the craft beer manifesto). So, our thoughts turned to cocktails and how we might make a beery version of Jacqui’s signature cocktail, the Mango Daiquiri (we call them Jacquiris after a few). The dominant flavours of a Jacquiri are fruit and booze so we wanted a fruity IPA beer style.

Having formulated half a recipe in my head I started to consider our next favourite cocktail, a Cosmopolitan; the drying nature of cranberry juice immediately made me think of a Saison style, then I thought of an oatmeal pale with pineapple and coconut. There are other ideas in the pipeline but we’ll keep those to ourselves for now.

So, to the Mango Daiquiri for which a typical recipe is:

Mangoes – pulped

Two parts rum to one part triple sec

Lime juice

Caster sugar

How much sugar and lime rather depends on the size and the sweetness of your mangoes (#oohmatron). For the beer we went for a 7.2% IPA and used hops that remind us of mangoes namely Mosaic and EXP431, at near terminal gravity we added 30kg of mango pulp and then toasted some orange peel and put it in a pair of tights as we do for our other beers which feature orange, Cast No Shadow and Born Lost, before adding a little Lime oil.

If you’re going to one of the launch venues tomorrow (Thursday 6th April at 7pm)  to try it (see list below) do tweet us to tell us what you think. If you can’t get to one of the launch venues, the beer will go on general release on Wednesday 12th April.

Launch venues

The Bailey Head, Oswestry, Shropshire

Suds and Soda, Derby.

The Plasterers Arms, Norwich

Victoria Inn, Colchester

The Rake, London Bridge (Rich, our London Sales Beard will be onsite to answer any questions)

The Cock Tavern, Hackney

The Beer Shop London, Nunhead

The Twelve Taps, Whitstable (Sean will be here)

Bottle Shop, Canterbury

Taphouse Beer Café, Deal

The Crown, Hastings (Robin will be here)

The Pantiles Tap, Tunbridge Wells (George will be here)